The Tribunal has released a new chapter of our Solution-focused hearings guide on involving family, friends, carers and support people in hearings.

The chapter sets out practical strategies for encouraging and facilitating the participation of support people in hearings. It is intended to guide Tribunal members and mental health services and outlines techniques to overcome common obstacles to participation.

As well as drawing on solution-focused hearing principles and the experience of Tribunal members, the chapter uses principles from the Client-centred Framework for Involving Families, particularly Single Session Family Consultations (SSFCs) developed by the Bouverie Centre, Victoria’s Family Institute. 

In preparing the chapter the Tribunal consulted with a range of organisations and individuals and received feedback from the Tribunal Advisory Group (made of up consumers, carers, lived experience workforce members), the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist, the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC), Tandem, Victoria Legal Aid, Tribunal members and carer consultants or advisors from mental health services.

The new chapter is available below and on the Guides, policies and procedures page of this website.