You can use this form to write what you want to say at your Tribunal hearing.

You can use what you write as notes, or select to submit it to the Tribunal. If you submit this form we will share it with your treating team for fairness.


Either a contact phone number or an email address is required

Your treatment
If you are in the hospital, would you prefer to be treated in the community?
Do you meet all 4 criteria for compulsory treatment?
1. Do you have a mental illness?
- a serious deterioration in your mental health or physical health?
- serious harm to you or someone else?
3. Will you be treated now if you are on a Treatment Order?
4. Is a Treatment Order the only way to ensure you will get the treatment you need?


If you submit this form less than 2 days before your hearing please call 1800 242 703 to let us know so we can make sure our Tribunal members see it before your hearing.

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