Are you interested in joining the Mental Health Tribunal's consumer and carer advisory group?

We are recruiting to fill 3 vacancies on the Tribunal's Consumer and Carer Advisory Group:

  • a consumer workforce member  
  • a carer workforce member 
  • a carer.

We are seeking people who have:

  • used clinical mental health services since 2014 or
  • cared for someone who has used clinical mental health services since 2014.

People who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or culturally and linguistically diverse are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Tribunal Advisory Group provides expert lived experience advice to the Tribunal on strategic matters. Meetings are held every two months and run for 3 hours. Members are paid to attend.

Use the form below to apply online and to find more information. Applications close 11:59pm Thursday 19 May 2022.

Form to express interest in joining the Mental Health Tribunal Advisory Group

Shortlisted applicants will be asked to nominate referees.

If you have question about this opportunity you can call Ali Pain, Consumer and Carer Engagement Officer on (03) 8633 4857 or email