The role of the Mental Health Tribunal in relation to treatment – New chapter added to our Guide to Solution-focused Hearings

We are pleased to announce that a new chapter of the Solution-focused hearings guide on the role of the Mental Health Tribunal in relation to treatment has been completed and is available here. The original solution-focused hearings guide was released in 2014.  This new chapter will be eventually be added to the main guide as an appendix, but for now we are releasing it as a stand-alone document.  

The Chapter explores the Tribunal’s role in relation to treatment in hearings and includes practical tips and case studies. It clarifies that, while the Tribunal’s role must not be misunderstood as being that of a treatment decision maker, the performance of its role under the Mental Health Act 2014 extends beyond simply confirming that treatment ‘of some sort’ will occur if an Order is made.

The Chapter concludes that:

“Hearings can and should be an opportunity for valuable dialogue with and between patients, carers and treating teams in which constructive inquiry about, clarification of, and reflection on treatment can make a positive contribution to a person’s progress towards recovery.”