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Treatment Orders

The Mental Health Tribunal conducts hearings to make decisions about whether a person should be subject to a Treatment Order enabling compulsory treatment and for how long.

Your treating team will prepare a Report on Compulsory Treatment, which outlines why they think you need to be treated under a Treatment Order. They must give this report to you at least two days before your hearing. The Tribunal members will read your treating team’s report just before your hearing starts.

The Tribunal also wants to know what you think about the need for a Treatment Order, and what – if any – support you think you need for your mental health. If you wish, you can provide a Report to the Mental Health Tribunal or use this template to help you prepare what you would like to tell the Tribunal. If there is not enough space you can attach additional pages. If you have an advance statement, you may attach it to this form.

It is important that you attend your hearing so the Tribunal members can talk to you directly about your wishes and opinions. At the hearing you can also ask questions about what your treating team is telling the Tribunal. If you attend your hearing you can give this form to the Tribunal members who will read and consider what you have written. Or you may prefer to use this form as a reminder of the things you want to tell the Tribunal.

If you want to make an application against your Treatment Order, please use the MHT contact form.

More information about the hearing process is available at Your Rights at a Tribunal Hearing and What to expect at my Mental Health Tribunal Hearing.  For Your Rights at a Tribunal Hearing in other languages click here.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Compulsory Treatment and Mental Health Tribunal hearings are available here.

ECT Orders

In some circumstances, the Tribunal must decide whether to make an Electroconvulsive Treatment (ECT) Order. More information about ECT is available here.

More information

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