Information for health services

The Victorian Department of Health published the Mental Health Act 2014 Handbook  to help clinicians access the information they need to practice in accordance with the new Act. 

This handbook also contains all Mental Health Act 2014 forms.

Tribunal forms are available here.

Information about access to documents before Tribunal hearings is available here.

After Hours ECT Applications

The Tribunal is contactable between 9.00am and 5.00pm on working days. An after-hours ECT application is one that cannot wait until the next business day for a hearing and must be heard on a Sundays or public holiday. Authorised Psychiatrists must be satisfied that waiting until the next business day to contact the Tribunal will delay treatment, and that the treatment is urgent and required earlier.

To initiate an after-hours ECT application, please follow the procedures that the Tribunal has distributed to each Mental Health Service.