Information for families, carers and nominated persons

The Tribunal acknowledges the important role of carers and other key support people in the assessment, treatment and recovery of people with mental illness.  A consumer can nominate a person to receive information and to provide them with support in the event they become unwell and require compulsory mental health treatment. The Tribunal encourages the attendance of carers and nominated persons hearings.

If you are a carer or nominated person for a person who is having a Tribunal hearing, you may wish to provide a Report to the Mental Health Tribunal to express your views.  Information you provide using this form will be discussed with the patient at the hearing.

More information about the hearing process is available at Your Rights at a Tribunal Hearing and What to expect at my Mental Health Tribunal Hearing.  For Your Rights at a Tribunal Hearing in other languages click here.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Compulsory Treatment and Mental Health Tribunal hearings are available here.

Information about the Tribunal’s role related to electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) is available here.

Information about legal advice and representation is available here.

If a patient wants to make an application against their Treatment Order they can do so using the MHT contact form.

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More information about nominated persons is available here.

Further information about Compulsory Treatment is available at the Victorian Government’s Health website.

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