The Mental Health Tribunal

Our Vision
Promoting rights by ensuring the participation of people with mental illness and their carers in decision making.
Functions of the Tribunal

The primary function of the Tribunal is to determine whether the criteria for compulsory mental health treatment as set out in the Mental Health Act 2014 apply to a person. The Tribunal makes a Treatment Order for a person if all the criteria in the legislation apply to that person. The Tribunal will also determine:

  • Whether electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) can be performed on a person if they are considered to not have capacity to give informed consent to ECT, or if they are under the age of 18.
  • A variety of matters relating to security patients.
  • Transfers of treatment to other mental health services.
  • Applications to perform neurosurgery for mental illness.
Our Values

We are:

  • accessible
  • collaborative
  • responsive and solution focused
  • respectful of diversity and individual dignity
  • accountable and professional
  • committed to learning and improvement
Our Goals

1. Participation – maximising opportunities for consumer and carer participation

2. Excellence in Tribunal Practice – embedding best practice in all aspects of our operation

3. Building Excellence in Mental Health Law – promoting transparency in decision making and contributing to the implementation and development of the Mental Health Act

A summary of The Mental Health Tribunal 2015-2017 Strategic Plan is available for download here (PDF, 80 KB)

The Mental Health Tribunal Service Charter was reviewed and updated in April 2016, and is available for download here (PDF, 191 KB)