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The Mental Health Tribunal

Functions of the Tribunal The primary function of the Tribunal is to determine whether the criteria for compulsory mental health treatment as set out in the Mental Health Act 2014 apply to a person. The Tribunal makes a Treatment Order for a person if all the criteria in the legislation apply...

What to expect at my Tribunal hearing

This guide explains what to expect at your Tribunal hearing and how you can prepare for your hearing: What to expect at my Mental Health Tribunal Hearing For more information visit Information for Patients.

Compulsory treatment

Most people receive treatment for their mental illnesses as voluntary patients. They make their own choices about their treatment, and in general have the right to refuse treatment. However, because some people with a mental illness are unable to make these treatment decisions...

Electroconvulsive Treatment (ECT)

In some circumstances, the Tribunal must decide whether to make an Electroconvulsive Treatment (ECT) Order. In other cases, you can make your own decision about ECT without the Tribunal’s involvement. For compulsory, security or forensic patients who are adults or young people (under 18)...

The Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act 2014 commenced on 1 July 2014 Information about the Mental Health Act is available in The Mental Health Act 2014 Handbook here. For more information about the Mental Health Act reforms please visit the Victorian Government's Health site here. The full Mental...

Access to documents before Tribunal hearings

The Tribunal has issued a Practice Note on access to documents available here. To ensure that Mental Health Tribunal hearings are fair, it is important that patients have the opportunity to prepare for their hearing. To do this, patients need to know what the treating team says about them in...

Legal advice and representation

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) VLA can provide specialist advice and legal representation at Tribunal hearings for compulsory patients. VLA provides service to most metropolitan and some regional mental health services. VLA can also provide specialist advice and assistance about other legal...

Mental health

For information, advice and general referral on mental health issues in Victoria, please see the Department of Health's mental health advice page. General information about mental illness is available at the Better Health Channel.

Freedom of Information and Protected Disclosures

Freedom of Information The Freedom of Information Act 1982 gives people the right to access information held by ministers, state government departments, local councils, public hospitals, most semi-government agencies and statutory authorities. The Tribunal's Freedom of...

Your Privacy

Privacy Policy The Mental Health Tribunal takes the privacy of consumers and carers seriously. A copy of the Tribunal's Privacy Policy can be downloaded here. Website Privacy How personal information about you will be treated as you access and use the Tribunal’s website